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Misconceptions of Going Digital: Funeral Home Edition

Putting your funeral business online can be daunting for many reasons – concerns about revenue, adapting to a new technology and trusting a technology company to understand the funeral realm. Long-time eFuneral Partner, McAlister Smith Funeral & Cremation in South Carolina found that consumers were very open to planning online and saw many benefits as a business with an online presence.

Online presence is important, and luckily there are impactful ways for you to drive business to your funeral home. We’ve debunked some of the misconceptions of going digital below and listed some easy ways to expand your reach online. Misconception #1: Having the Funeral Home Website is Good Enough Having a clean and updated website is an incredibly important step in properly marketing your business. It could be the first impression a customer has of you, so if your site isn't communicating your services or showcasing how they can expect to be taken care of, you could lose their interest right away. But you can't always expect people to just show up on your website. You also need to drive quality business to the site. And while the more traffic to the site, the better; making sure you're driving quality traffic there that turn into high-quality, relevant leads is crucial. To make sure you're attracting the groups, it’s a good idea to invest in a SEO strategy and paid social advertising.

Misconception #2: I Don’t Need Social Media for My Funeral Home With Facebook being the most popular social media network among seniors, and most funeral home’s targeted audience, social media is extremely important when migrating your business online. Boomers and Gen Xers are most likely to go to websites and social media before purchasing, so having an updated website and good social content can help guide customers to your funeral home. Highlighting your staff, funeral home attributes, testimonials and obituaries on your social media pages can help drive potential customers to learn more about your funeral business.

More tips for funeral home social media strategy from Homesteaders Life Company.

My Funeral Home May Lose Business If I Go Online Funeral homes have actually found higher revenue and sales numbers with an online planning solution. According to our data, the eFuneral online planning tool has seen a 15% higher preneed face amount and partners like McAlister Smith says they’ve seen an increase in revenue and are able to reach more families. Learn more about McAlister Smith’s experience with eFuneral, and their success with the online platform.

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