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eFuneral for All

The perfect digital sales solution for any funeral home

With hundreds of unique partners nationwide, we know each of them use our online solutions differently to grow their revenue and reach more families. Our over 500 partners have collectively seen over $600M in quoted funerals, received over $50M in abandoned cart leads, and served over 17K families.


But we don’t just want to tell you how our digital solutions can be used successfully by any funeral provider; we want to prove it. And there’s no better way to show the value of our online sales experience than to give funeral providers their very own digital storefront at 

no upfront cost and no monthly cost.

And the best part? All we need to get started on your storefront build is your GPL. That's it. 


Click on the Get Started button below to upload your GPL documents and have your digital storefront up and running in no time. 



An intro to the online sales experience, up and running for you in just a few days.


No onboarding fee

(typically $750 per location)

basic storefront mobile.png

Ready for your very own eFuneral Basic digital storefront? Click below to upload your GPL and we will get started on your storefront build. No upfront costs. No obligations. 

Watch the eFuneral Digital Storefront Demo

Not sure you're ready to sign up? Watch a free walkthrough demo of the eFuneral Storefront to see how our lead- & sales-generating digital solution can work for you. 



Find success with any of our service tiers, built specifically to the needs of your funeral home and it's staff. Check out what we have to offer - your perfect digital sales solution is just a click away. 


no onboarding fee

An eFuneral-branded online sales experience, set up and running for you in just a few days.

  • Templated, co-branded storefront at no cost

  • Complete arrangements and finalize contracts in minutes

  • Preset packages and merchandise, with your pricing built in

  • Access sales and customer information through the eFuneral Dashboard


+ onboarding fee

A more brand-forward storefront experience with your personalized touch.

  • Funeral-home branded experience with more customization options

  • More package and merchandise display options

  • Additional revenue opportunities

  • More user access to sales and customer information through the eFuneral Dashboard

  • More customized access to the eFuneral Network and eSign tools


 no onboarding fee

Premium access to all eFuneral has to offer, including the most customization options.

  • Fully customized, white-labeled storefront and customer communication options

  • Unlimited merchandise display options

  • Exclusive access to sales and customer information

  • Priority with the eFuneral Network

  • Access to eSign by eFuneral at no additional cost

  • Exclusive access to add on:

    • Custom monthly reports​

    • Lead Capture Program


An introduction to the online sales experience, set up and running for you in just a few days.

This intuitive, guided experience is co-branded with eFuneral and has simplicity built in from the start to finish – with the only requirement being that you answer a few questions about your funeral home to get you up and running in just a few days. Then, you have access to digital sales support you and your staff can use to help families shop, select and finalize with your home. 

An introduction to online funeral sales support tools

Simple, intuitive experience your staff can easily guide your families through

Easy sign-up process with just a few questions


Preset merchandise
& package offerings

+ Ability to sell at-need and preneed

+ Up to 4 burial and cremation packages per disposition, with preset price points by the funeral home

+ Up to 3 price points of merchandise

+ Ability to offer cash advance options

+ Co-branded website with eFuneral

Limited Payment
Processing Options

Secure payment info collection


Preset processing method (CC or ACH)

Customer surcharge of 3.5% on preneed

Customer surcharge or flat rate processing on at-needs

Standard Customer Management
& Communication Options

Templated communication sent from eFuneral email domain to known customers during the checkout process

 User access to the eFuneral dashboard, our customer information portal (additional users for a monthly fee)

Abandoned cart and at-need sale notifications by email only

Limited Preneed Funding Products

+ eFuneral receives commission on preneed sales 


+ Guaranteed preneed contracts only

Ability to offer trust products (5% transaction fee)

Standard Access to
The eFuneral Network

Lowest on the search results

Preset 30-mile search radius

Revenue through eFuneral Rewards

Standard Access to
eSign by eFuneral

Available at $50/mo

$50 set up fee per template

2 sends included per template ($6 per additional send)

Ready to get started with eFuneral Basic?

Sign up for the Basic tier with no onboarding fee and no monthly fee today and receive your digital storefront in just a few days! Or schedule a free, no-hassle demo to see more of our digital sales solutions in action. 

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