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The eFuneral Digital Storefront

A revolutionary online planning tool.

basic storefront mobile.png

The digital storefront takes your goods and services, displaying them in an easy-to-use online planning experience.  Made to fit your unique funeral home needs, the digital storefront options offers opportunities for funeral homes to get started with online sales, to more customization options.



Customizable to your brand without compromise.



Your services. At your fingertips.


Shopping done simply with full transparency.



More leads. More sales. Just a few clicks away.



Customize Your Branding

Our process seamlessly integrates with your brand and web presence, giving you control of your online sales platform. Easily include your logo and branding preferences to protect your brand while promoting it. Once your platform is ready to launch, we will work our magic, so consumers will be able to access the tool directly from your website.

Provide Your Arrangement Options

Provide customers with the arrangement options that are right for your beliefs and personality. Submit your price list items and packages and we will put their descriptions, even images of your specific products so customers understand the comprehensive selection they have at their fingertips. We take the heavy lifting off of your plate. You get a new way to showcase your arrangements the way you want.


Provide a Simple Sales Process

Our guided, step-by-step process can be done online, so there’s no sales pressure, but each decision in the arrangement process is carefully explained in detail. Most importantly, all pricing options are displayed straightforward with no hidden fees or add-ons so your customers know exactly what they’re purchasing.

Generate Online Sales & Qualified Leads

Our payment process is as straightforward as any online purchase and payouts to you are quick and painless. If a potential customer begins the arrangement process in your digital storefront but doesn’t complete a transaction, they’re not gone forever. We’ll provide you with everything you need to follow up and make the sale.


Want to see our platform in action?

Sign up for a free, no-obligation demo walk through today. 
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