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Today’s seniors are more digitally connected than ever.

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Baby Boomers spend 27 hours online every week. 


48% of Baby Boomers will visit a company’s website after seeing their content on social media.


92% of Baby Boomers shop for goods and services online.

The eFuneral platform maximizes market share by connecting funeral providers with consumers who are already comfortable making purchases online. We help you meet them where they’re at, seamlessly attracting, converting and closing sales.


Since launch in 2019, early eFuneral adopters have reported more website traffic, increased brand awareness and higher sales revenue. 

Data current as of February 2021


funerals quoted

The platform empowered thousands of consumers to price funerals and connect with local providers online.


families served

eFuneral connected funeral providers to consumers who otherwise may have never walked into a funeral home. 


funeral provider partners

With the ability to cover every state, our growing list of partner providers look to us for an innovative and efficient way to generate leads and drive sales.


higher preneed face amount

When given the choice, consumers selected enhanced goods and services through eFuneral, leading to higher average sales.


average age of preneed insureds

Users also skewed younger than the industry average, helping firms safeguard their business from competition.


lead to close ratio

Consumers who did not complete an online purchase became highly qualified preneed and at-need leads.

eFuneral FAQ

How will eFuneral help me build more meaningful connections with families?

eFuneral gives you access to consumers you are unlikely to reach through traditional advertising methods. While these new families may not have a relationship with you or your staff when they begin the process, you have opportunities to build that connection over time — just like you would with families who walk through your door:

  • Follow-up phone calls and notes
  • Preneed aftercare programs
  • Invitations to visit your facility
Above all, you will be able to support these families in person when their preneed arrangements become at-need calls.

How will eFuneral increase the effectiveness of my preneed team?

Your preneed team will benefit from eFuneral’s abandoned cart lead program, connecting agents with consumers who know what they want and are ready to make a purchase. These are valuable, sales-qualified leads that result in a quick, easy close for agents. The vast majority of abandoned cart leads — 67% — turn into preneed sales, offering additional compensation for preneed agents at a fraction of traditional marketing and acquisition costs.

How will my business benefit from eFuneral’s price transparency?

We built the eFuneral platform to offer tangible, timesaving solutions for firms that struggle with price shopping:

  • Directing price shoppers to your website, rather than taking up your staff’s valuable time on the phone
  • Providing a branded opportunity to turn price shoppers into loyal customers
  • Ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations – including the FTC Funeral Rule
Early adopters have also found that increased transparency builds trust with consumers, offering a better customer experience and endearing families to their firms.

How will eFuneral save me money?

eFuneral absorbs the transactional hurdles associated with preneed and at-need funeral purchases, saving you valuable time that can be better used to serve families. The platform’s early adopters reported fewer administrative demands on their staff, less job stress and lower part-time labor costs. With flexible payment plans, including a free monthly subscription option, eFuneral customers are enjoying more efficient business operations, increased revenue and higher family satisfaction — at little to no cost.

“eFuneral leads consumers through a process that results in more options, better choices and higher sales… I would tell any other provider who is looking at eFuneral that if they don’t do it, someone else will. This is the future.”

Kyle Nikola — Families First Funeral & Cremation Services

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