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Social Media Changes and How You Can Adapt

As a business owner, you know that data and numbers don’t lie – why not rely on them to drive your social media engagement? Reviewing your users and tracking your post performance can help you be aware of what content is working and what is not – and most importantly, how to improve it.

Are you aware of tool changes?

Facebook recently announced it will be shutting down the Facebook Analytics tool, as of June 30, 2021 – which your funeral account may be currently using to track data.

Don’t panic – there are still plenty of Facebook tools to use for analysis. Facebook Insights serves as an overarching tool you can use to track page views, likes, reach and engagement. See an example below:

Want to get even more in depth with data? Use Facebook Business Suite or Business Manager. From here, you can run your online social presence from one platform, viewing insights, creating ads and responding to your inbox messages. Using the data you see within this tool can also help you determine what your best times and days are for posting, and what kind of content your audience is engaging with the most.

Promoting my Business on Facebook

Over the past year, we’ve seen consumers shift to a completely online space when they buy. If you are not currently focusing on marketing efforts on social media, now would be a great opportunity to do so as we enter the this era of the "new normal." Once you explore your page's insights, you and your team can determine how to expand your online reach through social media.

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